Hi there…I am not a brand

photo by Iphone : Birgitta Wolfgang

This might be my new “code” to sell our interior designs because:

We make furniture designs/interior designs and our designs are made in Denmark by hand , one by one, and carefully selected in materials with respect and consideration for the enviroment.

We do not make more than needed, therefore it takes about 4 weeks to deliever which we believe gives the feeling of something to look forward to.

So this is our philosofi about making furnitures today. Slowing down …

This is about making something with love, making the design, the prototype and using it so long that we are sure its working, the quality lasts and our own love about the design is growing and not fading. Making a lasting design takes approxomately 1-2 years from idea to prototype. In the mean time we were copied by two other companys, who made a poor copy half the price and produced in China…

And now to the important point: when we approach stores with our furniture, it takes 1 second for them to reject with the sentence , ”beautiful, exiting but you are not a brand, and people wants brands or the things their friends or neighbors have and they want them now…but btw can I buy one for my self at a great price ?

Please anybody , if you have the answer of how to be a brand before you are a brand – or how to be educated with experience and not risking to be rejected by ”now you have the experience but you need more education ” let us know…

Or what can we do all of us to prevent all those bad China-kopies, when we have a history in Denmark of great designs and long lasting quality, where the older the furnitures get the more beautiful, not to mention the lifetime of good quality generation after generation.

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